Words don’t do justice to convey how much I have appreciated your counsel and encouragement. Patti and I were swimming in a swirl of options. Elder care is a tricky business wedging one between wanting to do the right thing, sorting through the many options, and deciphering the healthcare vernacular. You made it make sense.

First you offered Patti calm assurances that it will work out. That first conversation while on your holiday made a huge difference to us. We knew then we would be able to figure it out and had an ally. Next, with exceptional insight and empathy, you quickly assessed what mom needed and set us on that path picking up the management of the details. And then as we weighed the long term, you guided us through the assisted living options.

Maybe this is all in a day’s work for you. But for the layman and loved one in the grip of pressing decisions that need to be made, ;your expertise is next to magic. You always seemed to know what exactly was needed. You provided peace of mind and confidence in a very trying time.

You have made a real difference.


Thank you so much for being such a good and caring leader and partner during our time together with Aunt Sally. I learned so much from you.

Thank you!